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Taking care of your outdoor space like it was our own.

When you have an exterior area that you are planning on landscaping, we understand that a lot of thought goes into the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Whatever the purpose of the space is destined to be, we want to make sure that it ticks off all of your boxes.

This is why our Edmonton Landscaping company if focused on detail and quality every step of the way. We have many landscaping projects under our belts that involve both residential space and commercial space. 

Our crew is fully trained, constantly upgrading their skills to match a changing industry, and committed to each project they play a part in.
Landscaping for Edmonton
Landscaping For Edmonton

Edmonton's Best Landscaping Contractors

We are very detail oriented. Because we understand that quality and beauty is often found in those details. Rest assured, we have a landscaping team equipped with the right skills and equipment to make your plans a reality.

If you have plans that are ready to be implemented, or if you are looking to get those plans in place, reach out to us. If needed, we can assist in finding an accredited landscape architect, that will work with us to bring your vision to life. 

Or if you have plans in hand, we can offer you a sound quote on the work required to develop them into reality. We would be more than happy to bid on any project you have in the pipeline. 

 Feel free to contact us by calling the number below or simply complete the webform submission and one of our staff will get back to you to discuss. If you have design plans, you can submit them as well via email to us.

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We serve the following areas: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove.

Landscaping Edmonton

We are proud to serve the great community of Edmonton and all surrounding communities as well.

Landscaping and Design

If you have plans for creating an outdoor space, we would love to hear about it!  Whether that be a beautiful oasis in your back yard to destress in, or a full-on commercial development.  Our team has decades of combined years of landscaping experience.  Whether you are looking for final grading, sod installation, borders and plants, water features, or any other service, we are here, ready and able to assist.  Please add us to your “bid” list!  We would love to offer a quote.  

Fence Building

  Is it time to build that fence?  We can assist you getting it built and in place around your property, or around your commercial space.  We install wood fencing and vinyl fencing at competitive prices.  We can also install chain link fencing for commercial projects.  We can have a team out to your location and have the fence completed on time and on budget.  Call us or contact us via the webform submission and we can get things rolling!  

Deck Building

Once you have your plans for landscaping down, do you need a deck built to compliment?  We can take care of that for you as well.  With years of building sturdy, aesthetic pleasing decks behind us, you can trust us to create the perfect deck to fit into your space.  Get as creative as you want!  Our team is always up to the challenge of bringing your dream deck into reality.  Before you even know it, you will be relaxing on it in your favorite chair, taking in the beautiful view.  

Serving Edmonton and Area

We proudly serve the Edmonton area and surrounding communities.  As active members of these communities ourself, we understand the importance of supporting local businesses on a daily basis.  We know you do too!

Landscaping Services for Edmonton

Customer Service is Paramount to Us. 

 We always strive to create a positive experience for our clients and continually check with you to make sure we understand your desires and offer helpful suggestions, when we identify them.   

We listen intently to your plans so that we can create the space that you had in mind. 

Time and time again, we will renew our commitment of service to you.    

If you are a new client of ours, we look forward to working with you to accomplish your outdoor area exactly as you intended.  
Project Size is Not a Factor
We would be more than willing to discuss your Landscaping project regardless of the scope.  Nothing is too small or too large for us to take on.

The following are landscaping services that we routinely perform for our customers:
The following are landscaping services that we routinely perform for our customers:

Pre, Rough and Final Grade
Walkways and Pavers
Retaining Walls
Sod Installation
Plants, Trees, Shrubs
Water Features
Mulch & Rock
Artificial Turf
Bobcat Services
Irrigation Systems
Landscaping Contractors Edmonton
Landscaping For Edmonton

What makes us stand out and above other Landscaping Companies in Edmonton?

  Well, we are locally owned and operated. We employ talented, skilled individuals that bring value to our worksites and your projects. We care about our employees and they care about the work that they perform. We ensure that they have all the training, resources, and equipment to complete their jobs. That includes sound safety practices and protocols.  We support and uplift them, allowing them to take pride in the work they do on your projects. We truly love to see our people grow into their true potential.

We are committed to seeing our local communities not only survive, but thrive. Our corporate offices are right here, in Edmonton, and we live within this amazing city and surrounding areas. We give back daily to local business, by sourcing product and services with them first. It’s our way of connecting the local business sector together.

And we never cease to take in the changes in this industry. From equipment to techniques, we are always on the lookout for ways to better serve our clients and communities. We are very aware that trends change and landscaping requirements always advance. Our team really gets excited with each and every new landscaping design! They are eager to be involved in a new creation of outdoor space.  
Final Grading Contractors
Landscaping For Edmonton

Final Grading Edmonton

It is imperative that correct grading for residential and commercial property is completed. Why? Because it is your protection against flooding. Our environment will bring heavy rain and snowfall. There will be run off. And your property has to be graded to allow that excess moisture a place to go.  

All Final Grading falls under the requirements of the City of Edmonton and it will need approval. This makes sense when you understand that we live in a community. And our properties can all be affected by flooding. Therefore, these requirements are in place for protection of all structures.

When you hire us to do your Final Grading, we will take on the tasks of working with Alberta land surveyors, professional engineers, or registered architects. We will work for you to get your city lot grading certificate. From start to finish, we will ensure your property has the correct grading to provide ample drainage.    If we can be of any assistance with any of the stages of grading for your property, please let us know! We have a dedicated, experienced team that will ensure the job gets done right!   
Retaining Walls
Landscaping For Edmonton

Retaining Walls Edmonton

Retaining walls are erected to contain soil or earth, meaning that they are meant to retain or hold back the soil. Often in landscaping, you may need to cut an area away from a slope or bank of earth. The wall needs to perform the purpose of keeping the soil from eroding and falling into the cut area. A retaining wall, when correctly installed, will solve that issue for you.

You will see other types of retaining walls for highway or transportation purposes, where the earth is held back from the roads. These are much more complex in creating than their smaller counterpart used in yard or grounds landscaping. But the principle is still the same. The retaining wall must be built to withhold the pressure the soil and earth will place on it.

For residential properties or public areas, you have several different materials to choose from when building a retaining wall. Which one you choose will depend on the project being done. The most common materials are bricks, poured concrete, pressure treated timber or railroad ties, boulders, and rocks. When constructed correctly, they all have the ability to hold back soil. But the lifespan varies depending on the material used.

If you are wanting a retaining wall to last, you will need to be certain that the construction of the wall is done correctly. If the wall is unable to withhold the force of the soil, it will fail. We have seen some poorly constructed retaining walls that simply were destined to fail. Lack of knowledge of the correct construction is the culprit for most compromised retaining walls.  We will not allow for a faulty retaining wall to be constructed. We examine and understand the level of pressure the wall will withstand and build it according to that. We will never be satisfied with a buckling, leaning, or crumbling retaining wall. And neither should you. Give us a call and let's talk about your need for a retaining wall.  
Sod Installation
Landscaping For Edmonton

Seeding and Sod Installation

Our lawns have a lot of function in our day to day lives. 

Having a health, green lawn provides an additional aesthetic appeal to your property. Looking from the curbside to the home, it really makes a difference if your lawn is lush and green, versus blotchy or brown. When it is full and well maintained, it is an inviting spot to slip off your shoes and enjoy the feel of the grass beneath your feet. And who doesn’t love the scent of fresh mowed lawns! Or watching the family playing happily on a summer day. But your lawn may not be up to where you would want it. You do have a couple of remedies that can help to solve that. Depending on the condition of the lawn currently, you can consider seeding it or laying fresh sod to replace the old. Seeding it may be more cost efficient for you. This is a slower method choice, as it takes a bit of time for the seed to root and produce. The condition of the soil may also need to be considered as well. 

If you are looking for a quicker remedy, replacing the old lawn with fresh sod is your option. This is more expensive but produces the quickest results for you. There is still a period of time that is required for the sod to take root. And correct watering and maintenance is critical in the early stage for the sod to really flourish. Lawn care and Landscaping professionals will provide you with the guidelines required to ensure your lawn comes to life and thrives.   ​If you are concerned at all about the condition of your lawn, schedule a time for us to come out and take a look. We will examine it to evaluate its overall health. Then we can discuss your timeline and make recommendations according to your budget.